Connect Trading Transport saves 2,6% in fuel with Vipal’s Eco treads

26 September 2018

Fuel is one of the highest costs for carriers, so fuel economy is one of the main goals of such enterprises. Connect Trading Transport is yet another example of a company that bet on Vipal’s Eco Treads, recognized around the world for delivering excellent fuel efficiency. The carrier has a fleet of 10 vehicles, operating in the cargo ground transport segment in Yatala, Queensland, Australia.

Comparative fuel consumption tests were run over the course of a month, with Vipal treads and competitor treads. The tests were conducted by means of several trips between Brisbane and Cairns, totaling 25.000 kilometers traveled, always with the same driver and route.

As a result, Vipal’s VRT2 Eco and VL110L Eco treads consumed 43,28 liters to travel 100 km, compared to 44,42 liters with low rolling resistance products from a competitor, generating 2,6% savings. The owner of Connect, Scott Chandler, accompanied the tests: “We are very excited about the savings generated and eager to retread more of our fleet’s tyres with Eco Treads,” Scott adds. The tests were also monitored by Tiago Campanharo, Sales Representative from the Vipal team, and Dave Jenkins, salesman from Arctic Cool Treads, a Vipal retreading partner since 2007.

Made from a high-tech rubber compound that delivers lower rolling resistance, the Eco treads are produced by the Latin American tyre retreading leader and one of the top global manufacturers in the segment. The results confirm not only the excellent quality of Vipal products, but also the potential reduction in costs due to their enhanced performance.